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Wow, I haven’t  posted in so long! No excuses no excuses, but to be quite honest with you, I’ve  struggled to find motivation to do anything the last couple months.

Since I started back at uni everything just hit me all at once, and I became a little bit lazy and even stopped exercising for a period there – and that’s not like me all! I love to keep active and fit! Within the first few weeks of February I felt the change in my body transitioning  from a relaxing holiday state into a stressful uni environment AND workplace, and I never really allowed myself to take a breath, chill out and refresh.

Needless to say, I wore my body out physically, emotionally and mentally, which I now feel embarrassed to say as I always advise to listen to your body, but clearly, I sometimes even dont take my own advice.  Anyway, I ended up undoing some of my hard work and put on a few kilos because I was under nourishing myself by not eating the minimum number of calories my body needed JUST TO FUNCTION at. (known as Basal Metabolic Rate/BMR). I also found my way back into old unhealthy habits, like calorie and macro counting, which just messes with my head (its the number game) and binging. I even lost focus with my nutrition and found myself eating foods that actually make me sick! I was a total foggy mess.

The human soul develops up to the time of death. – Hippocrates


But I found myself again and re-focused after a visit to The Organic Supershow in Melbourne. Being surrounded by healthy individuals who were glowing and eating salads out of fancy Tupperware containers whilst waiting to see Pete Evans, was the light bulb moment. After speaking with the ladies next me who “recovered” from obesity, adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalances by following a healthy, nutritious, paleo inspired lifestyle, I realized that health journeys aren’t meant to be perfect and everyone’s is different; that it is completely “normal” to jump 10 hurdles but fall over 15 times – it was just a way of life and every time you do fall and “injure” yourself, you just get back up, learn how to recover and prevent re-occurrence, and then continue running. Health is about happiness, feeling confident with who you are and doing what makes you FEEL good. And for me, that’s having a cup of hot water with coconut oil and lemon or bone broth in the morning, exercising until my heart rate is elevated and I’m covered in sweat, laughing at myself and with family, learning a new biological pathway (the weirdest things interest me…) and blogging.

Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves that we start  self-criticizing that much our thoughts start shifting and we loose focus on whats important.

From now on I’m going to: take each day by day and ask myself  “does this make me FEEL good”? And hope that my choices are a YES.


Much love, K x
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Hey, I'm Kay, a student Naturopath | Nutritionist | and Health Blogger. I believe that with a combination of natural health, good nutrition and positive changes, your body will treat you with the things you want and deserve, naturally: wellness, good digestion, less stress, happiness, weightloss, clear skin and improved energy!

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