I’m Kaelli, a self confessed health and fitness fanatic with a love for performing arts, food, water sports & outdoor adventure, food, glamour, and anything risky. I also enjoy laughing at myself, with my self and I tend to unconsciously make people have laughing fits over my mannerisms and weird facial expressions. Very entertaining to watch.

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Me, today in my best “smile with your eyes” pose. (2015)

Thanks a heap for stopping by Wholesome Kay. I hope you become inspired and feel empowered to make healthier choices somewhere along your own health journey, try out some of my recipes or simply join me on the ride for fun!

Ive written up a little piece about how I got here and what inspired me to start Body of Nature, so feel free to scroll down and read.

Also, if your interested in following my journey further, I’d love for you to join me on instagram and facebook 🙂

My Philosophy 

I believe we can all nourish our bodies to wealth  by allowing our bodies to heal naturally, and then nourishing it to wellness from the inside out and outside in, through the power of nature.

My Health Journey

It first started once I finished school and completed my VCE. I was 17 at the time, stressed, going through puberty, I had very poor eating habits, and my only exercise was 20 minutes a day walking to and from school 5 days a week, I wasn’t happy or appreciated how I looked, I was mentally worn out from bullying and the pressures of Year 12, and, life in general.  I guess you could say I was still in the middle of trying to find out who I was and where I wanted to go in life. I may not have known what I wanted to do, but I did know what I wanted out of life: to be successful and to love and be happy in what I pursue.

A year later, I was still the same person I was when I graduated high school.. and I didn’t like it. I wanted to CREATE a fresh new start and healthy change in my life to become a better me. I was ready to grow and learn new things about myself. So I made a change . I enrolled in a business course, I joined the gym for 12 months and I swapped my processed diet for whole foods and healthy choices. In a matter of months, I felt and could see a change within myself- my confidence grew, my skin cleared up, I had lost a little weight (unconsciously); I was focused and my concentration improved; I was seeing sides to myself I never knew existed; but more importantly, I was happier! I loved who I had become! (as I kept telling myself…)

My Struggles + Fears 

Fast forward 2 years and my health journey was STILL continuing, this time with quite a few serious battles and many hills to climb, BUT with MANY positives achieved along the

My sister and I. Yep, were twins and I'm the eldest. Winning. (2013)

My sister and I. Yep, were twins and I’m the eldest. TWinning. (2013)

way too! I became caught up in the craze of body image ‘perfection’ from magazine covers, social media influence and body comparisons to my sister and friends. I lost more weight (15kg to be exact), but at a dangerously faster pace. My body went into shock and began to shut down daily processes that are crucial for overall body functions, including endocrine (hormone) function and glucose conversion for energy. Although I was eating healthier, I wasn’t eating enough to keep up with the physical demands I was putting my body under- I was doing strenuous exercise 2 hrs PER day- I was starving my body! 

I fell back into an unhappy phase, which helped me become aware that I needed help. Among the body image issues, I gained an unhealthy relationship with food to the stage where I never dined out with my family or friends because I couldn’t control what I was eating or how something was cooked. I also became fearful of 2 things: 1) Carbohydrates (non-plant based, starches). I thought If I ate them I would gain weight and get fat, and 2) Gaining weight. I was petrified I would become so overweight or return to my ‘old’ self (i was size 14 at the time) that I wouldn’t be as ‘pretty’ as those around me or on the magazine covers. I was afraid of always being judged by my family and friends for never being good enough, or receiving snickering comments about how nicer or ‘sexier’ I would look in an outfit if I were skinner. At this stage, I couldn’t bare to take ANY type of ‘body’ joke or statement without getting offended or developing a complex, unless it was a complement I was happy to hear.

I never thought food or how we individually looked could be perceived so negatively, until I was caught up in it. I didn’t know what to do, and I wasn’t aware of how my obsessions would affect me in the long run, until now, when I reflect. Throughout those fears and stages,  I explored and found out many things: what my physical and mental strengths and weakness are, progress doesn’t have to always be physical or the biggest change, how important it is to love and accept your body and yourself for who you are, what healthy meant, and that eating enough of the correct nutrition is the key needed in order to fuel your body to wealth.

Who I Am Today

Today, I am still the same person, but with a positive and brighter look on the crazy life I’m living- which I’m happy and comfortable to share. I finished the business course I originally enrolled in with HD’s, I’ve managed to stabilise my weight and accept and be proud of my body shape, I follow a loose modified paleo diet and I’m exercising (currently on BBG) whist still enjoying quality time eating out with my friends and family- I’m PROUD to say I’m on the right track to nourishing my body correctly!


The turn-around photo. The beginning of the proud white gurl who accepted her curves. (2013/2014)

But don’t get me wrong, I still have days where I battle, and days where I just want to give up, but I try to remember why I’m on this journey…. I also try to put aside time to meditate as often as I can. Having a healthy mind, body and spirit is my number one priority.

The Future

I’m currently in my second last year of studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) but as soon as I graduate, I plan to get out into the community and put on workshops and events to inspire and encourage as many gals and pals as possible to nourish their bodies and put their health first. But my absolute dream goal is to combine both of my loves, Nutrition and Film & TV and work within a television network regularly guest featuring, cooking health holistic meals and/or hosting on morning shows or health shows. (I have even set up my own StarNow profile, so if you happen to work within the industry, make sure you check it out 😉 hehehe) ……

I also dream of:

  • becoming a certified raw chef
  • publishing a book (and be a best-selling author?)
  • continuously inspire, empower and educate the next generation about food, health and wellbeing

Regardless of where fate leads me, I will continue to follow my dreams, love, respect, appreciate, inspire and love me, as me. I WILL get there and be successful….. in some kind of way, some day.

Kaelli, x




The information given on the blog is generalized and a reflection of my own personal experiences and remedies, as well as revision material for my studies.  It is not intended as medical advice and where you have any concerns, please consult with your health practitioner.

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