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Lemon and Gingerbread Men

Christmas day is all about sharing the good stuff (aka food, of course) with your family and friends so I thought why not do some myself, and share recipes to inspire you this Christmas! They are simple, easy and quick to make and are perfect for last minute ideas or disastrous  re-makes. (let’s be honest, we have ALL been there!) The recipes come from people who have inspired me along the way and have a similar philosophy of me in nourishing the body with wholesome healthy, fresh foods.

How to Avoid The Christmas Weight Gain

Almost every year for the whole month of December I’m either cooking up treats, eating the treats (or doing them both at the same time hehe) or attending christmas parties and enjoying the celebration of Christmas, with food. A whole lotta food. But with this comes a loss of focus on training and diet and as a result a few kilos pile on. Which is completely okay because food is good and nothing in the world is better than food and family (am i right?), but the struggle to get back on the band wagon once christmas is over is very real! So this year one of my goals is to try and stay focused and on point with my training and eating AS CLOSE to Christmas as I can.. and then relax and enjoy every single mouthful of food on Christmas day without guilt, and appreciate and honor the food baby which may come my way. Christmas is my favourite time of year so there is NO CHANCE its not going to have indulgence …

Christmas Gingerbread Balls

These gingerbread vegan protein balls are leftovers from yesterdays dessert cook up! Literally took me 20 minutes to whip up, clean up and eat 1 or two… perfect for a last minute sweet tooth crisis đŸ˜‰ Into a blender: 1.5 cup soaked almonds 4 pitted medjool dates 1 scoop Body Science Vegan protein (optional – can replace with cacao powder or hemp powder) 1 teasoiin ginger spice 1 teaspoon cinnamon Pulse for 1-2 minutes until formed into a large “dough” ball Divide into mini balls (and optional – roll in coconut) Store in fridge or freezer for up to 2 months. Extras: if these are for Christmas and your family are non-vegan, you can roll them in white chocolate and top with some chia seeds and goji berries. A vegan option – roll in vegan white chocolate or top with whipped coconut cream, a mint leaf and goji berry) You may also want to use the same mixture to make some GINGERBREAD MEN. How? Once mixture is formed into a large ball, instead or rolling …