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How to Avoid The Christmas Weight Gain

Almost every year for the whole month of December I’m either cooking up treats, eating the treats (or doing them both at the same time hehe) or attending christmas parties and enjoying the celebration of Christmas, with food. A whole lotta food. But with this comes a loss of focus on training and diet and as a result a few kilos pile on. Which is completely okay because food is good and nothing in the world is better than food and family (am i right?), but the struggle to get back on the band wagon once christmas is over is very real! So this year one of my goals is to try and stay focused and on point with my training and eating AS CLOSE to Christmas as I can.. and then relax and enjoy every single mouthful of food on Christmas day without guilt, and appreciate and honor the food baby which may come my way. Christmas is my favourite time of year so there is NO CHANCE its not going to have indulgence …

Fat Soluble Vitamins Functions + Sources

Vitamins, along with minerals, are an essential part of our diet and are the basic tools of nutrition. As a nutritionist and naturopath in training, knowing the function and roles of both types of vitamins are important. Especially when it comes to clinic consultations as clients symptoms can often present as a nutrient deficiency or toxicity. The functions and actions of vitamins are also important in particular diseases or syndromes because some conditions need to avoid particular vitamins and foods. Eg- somebody with gallstones should avoid fat in their diet as they aggregate the gallbladder and cause further pain. With that in mind, I thought it would be cool to breakdown vitamins, why they are important to include into our diet and where we can find them.