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  Wow, I haven’t  posted in so long! No excuses no excuses, but to be quite honest with you, I’ve  struggled to find motivation to do anything the last couple months. Since I started back at uni everything just hit me all at once, and I became a little bit lazy and even stopped exercising for a period there – and that’s not like me all! I love to keep active and fit! Within the first few weeks of February I felt the change in my body transitioning  from a relaxing holiday state into a stressful uni environment AND workplace, and I never really allowed myself to take a breath, chill out and refresh. Needless to say, I wore my body out physically, emotionally and mentally, which I now feel embarrassed to say as I always advise to listen to your body, but clearly, I sometimes even dont take my own advice.  Anyway, I ended up undoing some of my hard work and put on a few kilos because I was under nourishing myself by …

Fat Soluble Vitamins Functions + Sources

Vitamins, along with minerals, are an essential part of our diet and are the basic tools of nutrition. As a nutritionist and naturopath in training, knowing the function and roles of both types of vitamins are important. Especially when it comes to clinic consultations as clients symptoms can often present as a nutrient deficiency or toxicity. The functions and actions of vitamins are also important in particular diseases or syndromes because some conditions need to avoid particular vitamins and foods. Eg- somebody with gallstones should avoid fat in their diet as they aggregate the gallbladder and cause further pain. With that in mind, I thought it would be cool to breakdown vitamins, why they are important to include into our diet and where we can find them.

Nutrition On The Fly: Tips On How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

If you’ve ever experienced long exhausting flights you would probably know what an absolute bitch it is towards your skin, gut and sleeping patterns! Some of you may know from following me on my personal Instagram that I have recently just returned from four weeks in the UK + Ireland on a solo trip followed by a Topdeck tour, which was so much fun and as cliché as it sounds, life changing! (Everyone says it but its so true!)