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Grain / Dairy / Gluten Free Tortilla (Wrap)

So it was just one of those mornings again following the same routine I can’t get myself out of…. Waking up on communication from my bowels to my brain letting me know it was time for the natural processes to take place (tmi put nicely?…..)… to checking my Instagram feed of bright, beautiful salivating breakfast eats… to then feeling an urgent need to get into the kitchen and cook something to eat. Usually I take my time pondering on what I really feel like, but today, I had little to no time to make a mess because I have some serious study (like… learning herbs in latin) to get done before my Herbal Medicine exam tomorrow afternoon – I’m in freak out mode! Ugh! So something quick, easy and rather strange it was – a chicken and avocado omelette inside a Grain / Dairy / Gluten Free Tortilla (Wrap) Yep, INSIDE. It’s a flavour party for my taste buds. Mmmmmmmm HAHAHA Makes: 4 large tortillas or 8 small ones for tacos          Time: less than 10 …

100% Paleo Green Smoothie

Its almost Friday (YAY) but before tomorrow comes along I have a big day in clinic following up with and seeing new clients to get through! So to keep me on my feet I’m pulling my (dusty) blender out and blitzing up a mix of goodness. This one is 100% Paleo so there is NO fruit, dairy, gluten or added sugar…. but PLENTY of healthy FAT! By eating FAT you are NOT going to get fat! Fat is needed within your diet to help regulate and balance your sex hormones (oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone), improve concentration, memory, energy, helps the body use essential vitamins, protects your organs from injury (acts as a protective cushion) and most importantly, provides the structural components of myelin, the sheath surround each nerve fibre in the brain, to deliver messages faster! So eat all those avocados! because FAT IS YOUR FRIEND!   Naturally, K IG: @itswholesomekay    FB: /WholesomeKay

Almond & Chia Butter

Ever since I have removed grains and legumes from my diet on experiment to identify what foods trigger my horrible digestive issues such as bloating and flatulence, I have been missing my homemade no salt peanut butter….. a lot! Wait, whaaaaaaat?. Peanuts? A grain? A legume? Yep peanuts aren’t actually a nut…. they are  apart of the Fabaceae/Leguminosae family, which naturally classifies them as a legume (edible seeds inside a pod) because they grow underground, unlike almonds and walnuts, for example, which are grown on a tree. Interesting fact, I know! BUT whats so “wrong” with them? Why can they be an irritant? Like grains, legumes contain something called phytic acid or phytates. These somewhat nasties bind to nutrients within food (especially essential minerals iron, zinc and magnesium) and stop them from becoming absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, or digestive tract in less fancier words. Similarly, lectins act the same way. Lectins are proteins found in most foods and in the body,  damage the intestinal wall, contributing to possible gut related symptoms and conditions such as …