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How to Restart (And Keep) The Exercise Habit and Routine Going

Okay, you can admit it. You decided to take a week off from exercising or the gym to get your mind right and back to a healthy state, or because you were too stressed and lost love and passion, your homework load was a bitch or because life just kept rolling, but now you’re struggling to get back into it. (okay, maybe thats just me…) SO now the question: How do I get back to getting back into the gym? Here are a few tips to get back to climbing those hills and getting all sweaty!

Motivation Monday: How To Be Your Own Motivation

For a while know I’ve wanted to post a picture of my own body progress and transformation, but have never had the courage or balls to do so. But today, with no thoughts or care to give about the negative responses I could get that I was fearing, I posted a picture…. of myself….. half exposed…. 😐 I’m proud of how far I have come and the progress I have made, so why should I be fearful of what people think? After all, If i can inspire at least ONE person from my upload to love who they are and feel confident within their own skin no matter what size, shape, skin colour – Ive succeeded 🙂 Below is the exact extract which I’ve posted on Facebook and Instagram, so apologies if you have already seen it. Today’s MOTIVATION MONDAY is myself. On the LEFT: 4 months ago after returning from the UK. I was stressed, obsessed with how I look and didn’t love or accept who i was, was in calorie deficit and exercising too …