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How to Prevent Against Cold and Flus!

Winter is here and so is the seasonal cold and flu! By this time of the year you’re probably starting to notice your fellow friends and family are “catching” the flu because they WONT STOP sniffing, blowing their nose, speak with a deep manly husky voice……. or, possibly (if they get annoying), something even better – have no voice! Advertisements

Grain / Dairy / Gluten Free Tortilla (Wrap)

So it was just one of those mornings again following the same routine I can’t get myself out of…. Waking up on communication from my bowels to my brain letting me know it was time for the natural processes to take place (tmi put nicely?…..)… to checking my Instagram feed of bright, beautiful salivating breakfast eats… to then feeling an urgent need to get into the kitchen and cook something to eat. Usually I take my time pondering on what I really feel like, but today, I had little to no time to make a mess because I have some serious study (like… learning herbs in latin) to get done before my Herbal Medicine exam tomorrow afternoon – I’m in freak out mode! Ugh! So something quick, easy and rather strange it was – a chicken and avocado omelette inside a Grain / Dairy / Gluten Free Tortilla (Wrap) Yep, INSIDE. It’s a flavour party for my taste buds. Mmmmmmmm HAHAHA Makes: 4 large tortillas or 8 small ones for tacos          Time: less than 10 …

Christmas Gingerbread Balls

These gingerbread vegan protein balls are leftovers from yesterdays dessert cook up! Literally took me 20 minutes to whip up, clean up and eat 1 or two… perfect for a last minute sweet tooth crisis 😉 Into a blender: 1.5 cup soaked almonds 4 pitted medjool dates 1 scoop Body Science Vegan protein (optional – can replace with cacao powder or hemp powder) 1 teasoiin ginger spice 1 teaspoon cinnamon Pulse for 1-2 minutes until formed into a large “dough” ball Divide into mini balls (and optional – roll in coconut) Store in fridge or freezer for up to 2 months. Extras: if these are for Christmas and your family are non-vegan, you can roll them in white chocolate and top with some chia seeds and goji berries. A vegan option – roll in vegan white chocolate or top with whipped coconut cream, a mint leaf and goji berry) You may also want to use the same mixture to make some GINGERBREAD MEN. How? Once mixture is formed into a large ball, instead or rolling …

Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas

What exactly is Halloween and what does it stand for? The exact thoughts of an Australian blogger who follows American bloggers. But that doesn’t matter because Halloween is one freakin’ crazy and fun night. Especially when those kids continuously visit your house in different costumes (and NO COSTUMES? Whats with that?) yelling trick or treat, expecting you to treat them with a bucket full of candy and chocolate each time – that shiz is cute. Or when you dress up as whatever you like and spread fake blood and zippers and webs all over your body without anybody judging you – THE best! But as much as I am all for the tradition of Halloween and giving candy, I also love to keep it healthy too (summer is less than 2 months away guysssss) Well for party celebrations anyway, even though I once tried ‘treating’ kids with a scary mandarin and they said with a frown on their face: “I don’t want that. I want lollies”. Mmmhmm, it was very embarrassing. #fail So I thought …

Fat Soluble Vitamins Functions + Sources

Vitamins, along with minerals, are an essential part of our diet and are the basic tools of nutrition. As a nutritionist and naturopath in training, knowing the function and roles of both types of vitamins are important. Especially when it comes to clinic consultations as clients symptoms can often present as a nutrient deficiency or toxicity. The functions and actions of vitamins are also important in particular diseases or syndromes because some conditions need to avoid particular vitamins and foods. Eg- somebody with gallstones should avoid fat in their diet as they aggregate the gallbladder and cause further pain. With that in mind, I thought it would be cool to breakdown vitamins, why they are important to include into our diet and where we can find them.